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Custom Design

Batch quantites or one-off design

Running your business efficiently usually means its best to use off the shelf parts and components. Doing so is cost effective and timely. However, when the need arises, Parmavex Services can design custom industrial components for you. We have first rate technical skills combined with decades of experience. If your components are failing prematurely or you need a special design, we can help with material choice, sealing designs, fictional losses, heat transfer, fluid flow and more.


Based in Birmingham, the manufacturing centre of England, we have long standing relationships with a multitude of workshops and fabrication facilities. We will identify the best one to turn the design into a product. The same holds true for a one-off special and for industrial quantities.


All our work is quotation based with agreed up delivery schedules. For bulk quantities, we prefer to first supply samples for your approval before a full production run. For special components we can provide test and calibration certificates. Whatever you need, we are always happy to help.